I was born with a heart for animals! My parents had a pet shop where
I spent most of my childhood playing with and caring for animals.
As a kid, I was always busy tinkering and painting so I decided to study art and I became an experienced graphic designer.

When I was younger, I took a lot of pictures in my free time. My interest for photography turned into a real passion. I took part in several workshops and digital photography courses in order to gain experience in all the aspects of photography. Soon, some friends (pigeon fanciers) inspired me to take pictures of pigeons.

Now, I am a professional photographer and graphic designer thanks
to the increasing demand for pictures of pigeons (especially racing pigeons). There is no doubt that I owe my success to the devotion
and passion for my job, a job in which, furthermore, I find great satisfaction.

- Yella -

Yella Depuydt


photographer & graphical desinger


Place of residence: Koekelare (BE)

Born and raised in Moere (BE)

Married to: Joeri

Mother of a twin: Runa & Nora